Who is the best Glee Cameo-maker?
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My cousin loves Glee and I want to get her a Cameo for her birthday. I don't know anything about Glee.

My cousin loves Glee! So my birthday gift plan is to get her a Cameo from a Glee actor or two. Her favorites are Lea Michele (not on Cameo) and the person who plays Quinn (not on Cameo), so I can't use that info.

Here are the Glee stars on Cameo. I am not sure who to choose from this list, though, and I would love to have some insight on the most recognizable actors.
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Best answer: I watched a lot of Glee - and yes, that list is a real mix - some actors who played easily recognized secondary/recurring characters, but also others I don't recognize at all.

The top ones that I recognize are Dot Marie Jones who played the coach for several seasons and had a good storyline (and great version of "Jolene"), Max Adler (played Karofsky, the bully who makes Kurt's life hell, but that's because he has a crush on Kurt), and Ashley Fink, who played Lauren (part of the glee club for season two and great character). There is also Alex Newell, who played Unique, the only trans character on the show (and who is an amazing singer) in one of the later seasons.

My personal choice as a Glee fan would be Dot Marie Jones or Ashley Fink, because I really liked their characters and also like what I know about the actors.

But I would hint out who your cousin might most like - and there is a wiki where you can look people up.
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Best answer: Honestly, I watched a lot of early Glee and Dot Marie Jones is the only one I recognize on that list; her role was amazing and she was terrific (although not part of the singing cast). The others were maybe only in later seasons or bit-parts?
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Best answer: definitely dot marie jones or ashley fink if she prefers early glee, jacob artist or alex newell if she likes the later seasons with the new kids. alex and dot were my favorites (coach beiste was also trans later on :) ), dot and jacob would maybe be the most recognizable (i didn't recognize ashley until i read jb's comment, but take this with a grain of salt, i'm face blind and all it takes is the hair color change lol), all four have roughly the same plot significance

i go through a glee obsession every couple years, never thought it'd be useful here!
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Best answer: Alex Newell Alex Newell Alex Newell

Super positive and fun and intense-in-a-cool-way, a huge deal to have a trans character at the time, fun, currently working on another show, and very recognizable.

In conclusion, Alex Newell
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Best answer: Poor Max Adler: probably lovely guy, but his character was so horrid for much of the show that I don't think your cousin would want a call from him.
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Best answer: This is about Cameo, not Glee: Before you make your final choice, take a moment to look at the sample Cameos. There can be a big difference in how much effort people make to be personal and engaging. Also, once you do that, cram as much useful information into the short space that they give you so the actor has the best chance to do something that will feel really personal and special.
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Best answer: I didn’t watch Glee by the time Alex Newell showed up, but I love him in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, so I choose him.
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