What app or website can create a (rough) transcription of an interview?
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Can anyone recommend a website or app to do a (rough) transcription of a 15-minute interview? Free or cheap is preferred. Does not need to be perfect - I'll go back and manually correct any of the quotes I want to use. Thanks!
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Otter.ai seems popular.
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Google docs can do this.
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I've used Otter.ai and the free plan will give you 15 minutes easily. If the audio is clear and there's not a lot of unusual jargon then it should meet your needs.
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Thirding otter.ai. I probably would have thrown in the towel on my dissertation rotation without it.
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Response by poster: I ran it through Otter.ai and it worked great. Thanks all!
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If you have more and are someplace already paying for O365, Word online will transcribe files without the roundabout method in gdocs.
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Google Recorder on the Pixel phones can transcribe everything heard. Accuracy is not that good, but pretty easy to clean up manually. And you can run them on other Android phones if you find the APK itself (it's linked by AndroidPolice and other websites).
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