Best store-bought iced coffee
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It's hot as balls outside and my coffee maker has broken, so I'm in the market for some store-bought iced coffees. Buzz a girl up, please!

Specifically not cold brew, as that stuff gives me a straight-up heart attack. And obviously, brewing my own is out until my coffee maker replacement arrives, which won't be for a while.

However, I'm open to any other varieties--lattes, flavors, instants, bottles, cans, whatever!
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Nitro brew Starbucks
Tim hortons ice cap (or Costco omg) More pricy option … second cup ice cap
Thai iced tea
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Best answer: I like the Japanese brand Boss iced coffee - I'm been meaning to pick some up from an asian food market.
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Pilot cold brew if you can get it where you are.
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Missing my beloved Farmers Union, I picked up some Chobani Cold Brew with Sweet Creamer. It’s not bad.
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Note: our asker specifically requested recs for NOT cold brew.
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Starbucks has a line of iced mocha / latte that are juice carton sized, usually around the milk or orange juice in the store. International Delight has some too. I liked them both.
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The Costco near me (NW WA) has La Colombe draft latte cans which are 😗👌 and a little taste of Philly for a couple recent emigres.

The coffee component is still cold brew, though; most prepared iced coffee probably is. By "no cold brew" do you mean "no black/unadulterated cold brew"? The caffeine content is much more dependent on how much black coffee is in each serving, as opposed to brew method.
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I also only have a cold brew recommendation, Stumptown stubby bottles are available at my Kroger and are good quality.

I cut the caffeine by adding milk and a bunch of ice, so I'm not drinking the whole bottle at one go. You can put a damp paper towel in the neck as a stopper and keep it in the fridge.
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WpofiBH, can you let us know which cold brew was too high in caffeine, so folks can calibrate accordingly?
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Califia Nitro Latte with Oatmilk. Lower caffeine content and nice froth. I'm not sure about nationwide availability.
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I get Cometeer pods. I move a few from the freezer to the fridge every couple days, so that some are melted and ready to use. The medium roasts make great iced coffee with Oatly. Can be mixed with hot or cold water to make straight-up brews.
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I was spending approximately eleventy bazillion dollars a week getting iced lattes from Starbucks. Not being a bazillionaire myself, I knew I had to find a better way. I now make my own iced lattes at home for cheap and easy, and I think they taste even better.

Folgers makes instant coffee crystals in single-serve packets, both decaf and regular. I get a box of each.

To make the iced coffee:

Add 2 packets of the coffee crystals to a 1-quart Mason jar. I use one decaf and one regular. Feel free to add more of whichever if you like your coffee to put hair on your chest.

Add hot water to right under the word "Mason". Stir or swish it around for like 5 seconds until the crystals dissolve.

Add ice cold water from the fridge to right under the word "Ball".

Add flavor syrup or sweetener of choice (I use a generous squirt of vanilla-flavored Liquid Splenda.)

Fill the jar most of the way up with milk of choice, leaving room for however much ice you want. I use mostly soy milk then add a blub of heavy cream to make it taste yummier.

Add ice up to the top.

I usually drink half of it today, then put the lid on the jar to save the rest for tomorrow.
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Best answer: I'm fond of the Peets iced coffee line. Starbucks doubleshots are also good. I don't like Frappucinos - they are too sweet for me.
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Best answer: Seconding Boss and La Colombe. The Boss coffee in particular has just enough caffeine to make me feel amazing without being at all jittery.
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16oz iced black eye (made w drip), heavy ice. any decent coffee shop.
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Response by poster: Basically any cold brew I’ve ever had has given me the full on heart palps. I don’t like a lot of cream in my coffee so that’s probably part of it; I am always taking it pretty straight. I’ve been told by my barista that their (Groundswell) iced coffee is different from their cold brew; most of their iced drinks are coffee or espresso based unless you ask otherwise. (other places just ditched iced coffee altogether and it’s all cold brew. I don’t go to them anymore.)
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Scratches the same itch: Kirin Iced Milk Tea. Most asian food markets ought to have it. I'd also pick up one each of the canned iced coffees till you get one you like.
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In that case I would figure out what amount of caffeine works for you and water down your drink appropriately. (You should be able to source mg caffeine per serving for all the big names.) Milk, milk substitute, or water to your taste. Those La Colombe cans, e.g., pack a punch, but work well over ice cut with either milk or water.

If you get black coffee concentrate you can try it cut with a nice tonic like an espresso tonic. Not sure how well that would work with a latte base.
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Have you heard of the Japanese method for ice coffee? You make a concentrated batch of coffee and then pour it over a specific amount of ice to melt, and you get instant iced coffee. I used to make it for a fancy restaurant when I worked as a barista. It gives the best flavor profile, and you’ll have extra on hand if you want it. If you just buy a cheap French press this is totally doable. You do need a food scale too, but once you get both you’re in business!
Here’s an article on the SeriousEats
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If you want to make your own iced coffee from instant, the best quality:flavor ratio we like is Mt. Hagen instant; just add heaping tsp to a ~12oz of cold (not iced) water, stir for 15 secs, add milk of your choice then ice. Available from lots of other places apart from their website. A jar for us makes 30-40 of these glasses which works out about 30c/glass.
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