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Boxes. I'm looking for a place to source about 100 boxes (wood/plastic) for flowers etc at a wedding. Long and thin, looking around 4 x 3 x 12 inches? Location Texas. Any suggestions of cheap flower wholesalers would be great too.
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Where in Texas? Austin Flower Company on 35th and Jefferson is the public wholesaler I like here, and I bet they'd be able to help you out with some boxes too, albeit they may a bit larger than you're looking for. For what dates do you need them?
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Hmm, if cardboard or cardstock is acceptable, then Papermart. Even with the rather high shipping charges, you'll come out ahead, and they've got everything.

Actually, on further inspection, they do have some plastic boxes.
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Houston, Tx in July
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Mossy I just happen to work at a packaging company in Houston. I'm in corporate but I bet I could set you up with someone who could find what you need. E-mail me privately with the details (why not corrugated, do they need to be waterproof, do they need to be a particular color or are they just for transportation?)
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Thanks pomegranate, the boxes I'm looking for are for actually placing flowers in (ie arrangements) rather than transporting them. Wood would be preferred or simple cardboard as a result.
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