Payroll errors working for the USPS
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My brother got a job with the United States Post Office. However, due to series of unintended errors he did not get an Employee Id Number (EIN) until the end of the first pay period. So he was unable to sign up for direct deposit and on payday there was no paper check for him. He is wondering if this is normal so anyone with experience with working for USPS would be helpful.

He applied for an several positions at nearby offices, all at once and took an ARC position that was offered to him. Two days later, an RCA position was offered to him, closer to home, so he took that one instead, by first saying he didn't want the first one on that he was offered (evidently that's something that one can do online). Finally, he got offered another RCA position at the station by his house, so he took that one, again declining the previously accepted offer, all online.

On the first day of training, it was noted that he didn't have an EIN, but he wasn't surprised, do to accepting and declining of offers. But after almost two weeks of training and the end of the pay period he was finally given an EIN.

Yet, came the first payday, there's no paycheck and his local managers have said he's not quite in the system. The USPS does have the option of advancing a portion of pay, however he can't request even that because he's not in the system. His manager says there's nothing the station can do as the payroll system is handled by out of state services, so his only options are wait until his EIN is "in the payroll system" so he can request an advance or get regularly paid. The local station master says to check back in the middle of next week so for a status on how it's going.

Does he have another options to get this process sped up? With no EIN "in the system" he can't access of his USPS benefits, let alone get paid, so he's understandably frustrated and unsure what to do. Anyone have any insight on this situation with working for the United States Postal System?
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Best answer: Asking in would probably get you experienced answers more quickly.
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I'd suggest your brother connect with their union rep.
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Ya, this sort of thing is what shop stewards are for. Also your brother should take a good look at his labour agreement; several of the unions I've been a member of have compensation for missed pay on a per day basis in their agreement. With my current agreement it is equivalent to several hours pay per day.
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