Looking for the name of a film about a boy and partisans in WW II
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'Foreign' film - not English, maybe Russian - Brief plot overview - the film starts with the young boy walking around his village traumatised while German soldiers kill villagers. Joins partisan band and film traces his story.

When he joins the partisans he is treated as a boy, which he is. At some point late in the film he is given a weapon and near the end of the film the partisans attack German soldiers, and among the material the Germans had are photos of Hitler. The boy points his rifle at the photo on the ground. Slowly the photo changes until we see Hitler as a baby in the photo.

The boy/man shoulders his weapon and marches on with band of partisans.
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Best answer: Is it Come And See?
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Best answer: I think that's Come and See, which is on my list of Best Films I Will Never, Ever Watch Again
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Best answer: Definitely Come and See. An astonishing, hallucinatory film and a very difficult watch.
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Response by poster: Woah! Thank you and thank you again - all three answers.
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At some point late in the film he is given a weapon

Actually, the beginning of the film is his acquisition of the weapon. Without one, the partisans wouldn't let him join.
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Go and see, definitely, but I also would like to mention Tarkovski’s Ivan’s Childhood
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As everyone already said, it's "Come and See" -- but an interesting fact about the film is, its original title was supposed to be "To Kill Hitler"
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