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I'd like to find some more art to hang on my bare, bare walls. I gravitate toward water scenes and landscapes; works on the abstract or impressionistic side; and luminous colors. Can you recommend any artists whose work I should look at?

Some examples of works I like:

Pierre Doutreleau:

Frits Thaulow:

Jason Anderson's more muted works:

So far my search feels formless, and I'm overwhelmed by online art browsing. Help me! I'd be especially interested in supporting Black artists, or other artists of color. Whose work would you recommend?
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I apologize that this isn't exactly what you specified in your post, but I hope you will still find it helpful. I have really enjoyed buying art from Goodwill, especially You can get really lovely, beautifully-framed works relatively inexpensively.

You don't get detailed artist info, but posts often have good photos of the artist's signature.
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It would help to have an idea of your price range, but here are some contemporary artists I've encountered whose work might fit the bill. All work in pastels, but none are POC, sadly.

Brett Varney

Jennifer Cavan

Michael McKee

Bill Turner
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Gina Danza is an incredible Black Landscape photographer. Some of her prints may fit your vibe... Keep an eye on her Instagram as she regularly releases new prints/retires older ones.

Death valley flood

Martha's vineyard water
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Here's one of my faves: The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, by Hokusai ...

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The MOMA store has a nice non-overwhelming selection of framed prints, all of them some degree of abstract. Some feel a little too museum-y but there are some gems. The Wrong Shop is similar to MOMA but has a more contemporary (and more abstract) aesthetic. You might like Leanne Shapton.

20x200 is also good. It’s a bit more middle brow and has a much wider selection. A few artists to check out there:
Christian Chaize
Helena Wurzel

They do curated collections as well, like this beach and water themed one
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If you have a twitter account, subscribe to this list:

Or just peruse it until you find something you like.
The list is created by: @andreitr
and his postings kept me sane during 2020.
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Abstract. Bright colors. Sometimes collages. Jonathan Rice, a friend of mine for many years, creates art you may like. He is also on Instagram (@jkriceartist). Some of his web stuff is not as up-to-date as it should be, I think Instagram is more up to date than the other.
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