Where to buy crystals online?
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I want to buy rubies, grape agate, Celestite, (and other stones if there’s a place with a selection) and am wondering a trustworthy online source. I would like the option to buy raw or human-made into shapes. Mostly raw. Bonus question: how do the different handmade shapes of crystals (angel, heart, sphere, point, etc) affect the energy? Not sure if this is the wrong place to ask this but it’s becoming much more mainstream.
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Despite the generic (or searchable!) name, MineralAuctions.com is reputable and has very informative write ups. I always learn something browsing through their stuff.
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A similar question was asked a few weeks back.
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The shape of the crystal does not affect the type of energy the crystal emits but it does affect the way you receive it.

(According to the people who use crystals for this sort of purpose, whom I assume is the kind of people you want to hear from on this.)
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If you're near a major city you might look around for local rock and crystal groups, we have at least one in Seattle that does (or did, and will soon do again) fairly regular meet-ups with merchants and collectors from the region. You might be able to find a dealer nearby who can give you a selection to choose from in person if you're comfortable doing that. You can often find the very people who pulled these things out of the ground, which for me makes a big difference.

Sorry I don't have anything specific, but this is definitely what I'd do if I was in the crystal market right now.
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I would check out Etsy and read the reviews.
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When driving back from Sedona we passed through Quartzite Arizona that has like four massive gem wholesalers on the main strip and all of them were legit. We bought from Spiritstone Gems. Amazing prices. So just google “gem stores Quartzite Arizona” and have your pick.
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For shape of crystal google Marcel Vogel / Vogel cut crystals.
Like as I understand a crystal will oscillate at its frequency regardless the shape but we all have preferences. I have a gorgeous raw amethyst.
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