Dynamic email: Can you trust email history?
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Gmail has a feature called dynamic email. As I understand it, this means an email's content can be updated every time I open the email. How can I trust my email record? For example, if I think I ordered a package of 2 throw pillows, but my receipt says it was a single pillow, how can I know whether my memory is wrong or the retailer updated the listing after I placed the order?
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Best answer: It looks like the dynamic email feature is basically the equivalent of java script that's replaced by downloaded web content, but based on their docs every message also includes the original HTML. I'm not sure I have any emails with dynamic content (as it's a stupid feature to be honest), but if you click the 3 stacked dots on the right (on desktop at least) and pick Show Original it will give you the raw html, which cannot be changed after it is sent. It will probably be hard to read but you should be able to search for something like the product name
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Best answer: You can turn it off
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