Playgroups in Dublin
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We are moving to Dublin with our eight-month old baby and I'm finding it difficult to find information on playgroups, nursery rhyme groups etc. Does anyone know of any? Generally, what sort of social activites are there for new Mums in the city?
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I haven't got any experience in Dublin, but I work part-time at the local library here (Essex, England). We have a directory of playgroups etc, compiled by the council. The library also runs a rhyme-group for under 4s during term-time.

So I'd recommend asking your the council and the local library. Hope that helps!
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Childcare in not as well organised in Ireland as the UK, unfortunately so there isn't a link through the local council. The majority of childcare in Ireland is either extended family or creches.
Also many new mums in your age group live in suburbs outside the city centre, and there are not as many organised activities as I've seen in the UK.
Gymboree does a variety of activities with music but i don't know their age range.
Another possible source if you are still nursing would be La Leche League.
The Ark is a cultural centre for children in the Temple Bar. My children were bigger at the time so I don't know if this will help but the Ark in particular is a good place to start. There will also be a variety of yoga and excercise classes for mother and baby that you would find in any Capital city. Here is a portal to about 40 Irish newspapers, the Dublin one I would use is the Evening Herald. There were also great free art classesat the Modern Art museum in Collins Barracks but i guess baby is a bit young for that!
I miss Dublin so much and particularly the lady who was my son's "other mother". Through we my family was basically adopted into the inner city community she lived in and she still visits us here in the UK.
Dublin is a strange mix for a young family, people love babies but you may find places that serve alcohol unwelcoming, especially after 6pm. Which is a pity as pubs and clubs are no-smoking and baby should really be exposed to the traditional music sessions in O Donoghues!!
E-mails in the profile if I can be of any further help.
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