Tracking planned expenses
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Do you have a tool you use to track planned expenses and wishlist items? I've been using Pinterest and the Notes app on my phone, but I'm hoping to enhance the experience somehow. Thanks!
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In my household ToDoist account I have a project for wishlist, which is easy because I can just plug the URL into the field and it populates the name of the item automatically. Then I can just click it as complete when it's complete.
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Ugh I'm as disgusted with myself for suggesting it every time as you probably are, but IMO there's no better tool for saving up for something than a category with a goal on YNAB, especially now that it tracks money movement so you have some accountability for taking money out of that category.
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Came here to suggest YNAB too. It’s more than what you asked for, but also does exactly what you are asking for (in the context of a full budget) and it really can be life-changing.

Check out their page on wish lists and wish farms (I think that’s what they call it)
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Also came in to recommend YNAB and their wish farm concept.
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Joining the chorus on YNAB, with a twist - YNAB is just one representative in the "zero based" or "envelope style" budget category, and there are other apps/options if you don't want YNAB. I've been using Aspire Budgeting (a free Google sheet). Everything that I plan on buying gets assigned a budget category and I start saving toward that category.
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I'm a former YNAB user who switched to Lunch Money; both are pretty great at tracking money saved toward a goal (I only switched because Lunch Money supports multiple currencies).
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