What browser extensions are you constantly recommending to others?
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I just came across an extension that is going to change my everyday browsing for the better. What browser extensions are rocking your world?
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I use LastPass Vault and Grammarly (free version) all the time.
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OK, for one thing, it's very unfair to post this without mentioning the extension!

The best extension is linkclump, if you're a person that opens hundreds of tabs at a time. It lets you highlight a region in the browser, and then open all the links in that region. Very customizable, highly recommended.

Looking at the rest of my extensions, they're either passive privacy enhancements (adblocker, decentraleyes, a few Google opt outs, etc) or integrations with specific sites.
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LastPass (which I also pay for), uBlock Origin, and EFF's Privacy Badger.
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UBlock Origin
HTTPS Everywhere
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UBlock and Privacy Badger are required things -- I experience a totally different internet that way.
I have google scholar as a button in my toolbar.

Just last week I (begrudgingly) learned to use userChrome.css to shrink the height of items in the bookmarks menu, so I don't have to scroll through a long but overly spacious (probably for mobile/touch screen) list of bookmarks.
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Selection Context Search for Firefox lets you add to the list of websites that you can search by highlighting and right clicking. It has many features and options and I can't live without it anymore. Any website with a search box can be added easily.
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uBlock Origin (Firefox/Chrome) is my favorite adblocker.

If you use Facebook, FB Purity might be of interest.

If you like looking at curated Google Earth images when you open a new tab (and I do), there's a Chrome extension that does that.

There's also an extension that shows bodyweight exercises to be done while watching Netflix shows. Turns out, I didn't like that as much as I thought I would.
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DuckDuckGo !bangs lets you highlight a phrase on a Web page, right-click it, and search for it on one of a dozen major Web sites (Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, ...).

uBlock Origin for blocking ads, disabling Javascript, deleting areas of a Web page, etc.

Send to Kindle for Google Chrome for sending longer articles on Web pages to my Kindle for reading later.

I'm really tired of Web pages that bombard me with auto-play videos, animated graphics, and pop-ups, when all I want to do is read the content. I have tried many reader-mode extensions but Reader Mode Pro does it so well and is so customizable that I gladly bought their Pro version (a free version is available).
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Better Twitter - removes 'trending' and other cruft
ClearURLs - removes tracking links
Disconnect - privacy
Google Analytics Opt-out
View Image - Re-implements the Google Images' "View Image" and "Search by Image" buttons.
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Response by poster: I just discovered Minimal Twitter. Removing all that noise feels great.

I have started using Advanced Profanity Filter

IG Downloader lets me take cool images from Instagram and share them in text chats

Library Extension shows me if the books I am browsing at Amazon are available at my local libraries

OneTab takes every single tab that I've left open and combines them into a single page of links, which speeds up my browser while easing my hoarding anxiety. I almost never look at those links ever again.

I have used Tampermonkey to install custom scripts that make Canvas/Instructure easier to use

Trim: IMDB Ratings on Netflix helps me choose highly rated movies to watch.

Word Replacer II was placed on my partner's laptop, replacing every instance of Trump with "Mr. Giggles". She was not amused.
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On Firefox (Win)
• NoScript
• Lightshot screenshot tool
• Copy PlainText
• Facebook Container

As I read the above comments, I am interested in, especially, ClearURLs, and View Image
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Response by poster: "Copy PlainText" oooooh, thank you.
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I use Social Fixer for Facebook, on Firefox. This allows me to limit my FB feed to show no more than 50 items at a time, which helps me avoid scrolling endlessly. It also offers many more capabilities that I don't use, like hiding sponsored posts and politics-related content, alerting you when someone unfriends you, etc.
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Y'know when you want to print a page or part of a page, and navigation and other junk takes too much room? For that I like Print Edit WE.
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You need this: Library Browser Extension

Shows whether your public library owns the books you're looking at on Goodreads, etc.
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Bypass Paywalls
Feedly Subscribe Button (for those of us still enamored of RSS)
ReviewMeta Review Analyzer (for when all those amazon 5 star reviews look a little TOO good)
https everywhere
Save to Pocket

(no idea what these two do, but they were recommended)
Disable Web RTC

Privacy Badger
uBlock Origin
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Seconding NoScript, if you're okay with trading off some usability for some security.
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A lot of the ones that have already been mentioned. I use Firefox.

- DownThemAll - downloading many files from a page at once
- FF Multi-Account Containers - open pages that spy on other pages in private mode so they can't spy on your other tabs
- Google Search link fix (so you can copy a link without getting all the google click tracking crud)
- Link Analyzer - will show you what links on a page are dead
- Gmail notifier
- Open Multiple URLs - give it a big list of URLs, it will open them all
- Reddit Enhancement Suite
- User-agent switcher - to post to Instagram from the desktop
- TinEye reverse image search - reverse search with a right click
- Session Alive - stay logged in to my bank website
- Simplified Twitter - gives you basically mobile twitter on desktop
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Response by poster: User-agent switcher - to post to Instagram from the desktop: You just changed my life a little.
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Make America Kittens Again, because I don't want to see pics of the former guy.
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AnyList - Import recipes from blogs, has a companion mobile app that is invaluable for grocery shopping.
DarkReader - Dark Mode everywhere.
Video Speed Controller - Speed up/slow down any online video
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On Chrome:

Feedly Mini
Ad Block for YouTube
Bypass Paywalls
uBlock Origin
Add to Any
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HTTPS Everywhere

Note that in current Firefox versions, there's a setting to enforce HTTPS without need for that extension (which I previously did use and enjoy).
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If you're on firefox, Tree-Style Tabs is a must-have, as is Temporary Containers (to go along with the container tabs option which you need to enable in preferences).

Tree-style tabs is a great way of organizing/reigning in tabs, and temporary containers is a huge privacy and security feature.
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If you use Gmail, PixelBlock blocks tracking pixels, without breaking Gmail's image display/functionality.
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Tab Menu - a drop-down list of all tabs
Recent Tabs or Toggle Tabs - to toggle between current and previous tab
Last Pass
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Note that in current Firefox versions, there's a setting to enforce HTTPS without need for that extension

I don't think they are quite the same:
browser.fixup.fallback-to-https makes the default HTTPS, so you have to type the HTTP for non secure sites (True by default).
HTTPS Everywhere automatically selects a secure connection only when one is available based on the DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption list.
Firefox HTTPS-Only Mode - defaults to secure and blocks non-secure connections, but allows you to enable it for a particular site either temporarily or as a permanent exception.
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No YouTube Comments for Firefox, hides the worst part of YouTube.
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Kill Sticky - also available as a bookmarklet, no installation needed. One click gets rid of all the useless headers and sidebars that eat up screen space on most modern webpages. It will also kill the "Log in to Facebook" overlay so you can browse the FB pages for businesses without needing an account.
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Windows might have this function now, can’t be bothered to find out, but I am sticking with Snipping Tool which highlights any portion of the screen and saves it as an image jpg. Useful for quickly saving orders and tracking numbers, capturing an image of a work in progress to send to someone. Basically takes a quick, cropped snapshot of something as a reminder/for reference/for comparison.
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HTTPS Everywhere automatically selects a secure connection only when one is available ...
Firefox HTTPS-Only Mode - ... blocks non-secure connections, but allows you to enable it ...

One's automatic, one's manual; but otherwise they're doing the same thing. I'm not saying HTTPS Everywhere is now useless, just that people have options.
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For those of us in the EU who have to click on a GDPR 'This site collects cookies' warning Every. Single Time. - I don't care about cookies is a godsend.
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Response by poster: I couldn't post to Instagram using user-agent-switch which made me sad.

Unfollow Everything for Facebook is pretty great.
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Not an extension, but a browser: Brave. It's a privacy-focused Chrome-equivalent browser with built-in ad- and tracker-blocking. It also has private windows with Tor.

I've been using Brave for a couple of months on iOS, OS X, and Windows 10. It works pretty great on the vast majority of sites. Sometimes you need to disable Brave's shields to get a site to work, which is an issue with the site, not the browser.

I've also been using Duck Duck Go as a more private alternative to Google for search, but Duck Duck Go isn't as good.

Brave Browser Review - Is Brave better than Chrome? (2021)
Brave 1.0 browser review: Browse faster and safer while ticking off advertisers
Brave Browser Review: A Secure Browser With a Strong Backbone
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'I don't care about cookies' is a godsend.

The problem with that add-in is that it accepts all cookies which isnt really what I want!

Also Brave is the very worst browser, beloved of all the Tech Bros due to its toxic ethical stances. But I think that's off-topic for a discussion of browser plug-ins.
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Just a note about Brave: it's been pretty damn sketchy in the past (don't know about now). I'm not inclined to trust them for anything privacy or security related.

Re: NoScript and ublock origin, they also both work great on firefox mobile
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DeTrumpify, anyone? He and his cohort are still referenced in the news -- this softens the blow
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Response by poster: A reminder that loading up on too many extensions can slow down your browser and shorten your laptop battery life, depending on the extension.
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