What is the best nectarine-based dessert
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What is the best nectarine-based dessert, and how do I make it?

I have 8 nectarines, a reasonably well-stocked kitchen, and a song in my heart. I want to make an exquisite dessert out of these nectarines some time today. What should I make? No relevant dietary restrictions; the only real factor to consider is that the ice cream maker is in use already so no frozen options at present.
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A galette would be fantastic. This Smitten Kitchen one is close to the recipe I’m familiar with and I trust their taste.
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If the ice cream maker is in use to make vanilla ice cream, Peach Melba is the obvious choice!

I usually directly sub nectarines in for peaches because I like them better. They work well! My other usual go-to is a cobbler.
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the NYT peach-thyme focaccia recipe does very well with nectarines.
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Do NOT underestimate the bliss of a nectarine pie with a little nutmeg and vanilla ice cream (dies)
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I would macerate them like these iced summer nectarines and consume them with great gusto.
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Cut the nectarines into small cubes and put a layer of them into wide tumbler-type glasses. Put elderflower syrup in until they are just covered. Whip some cream and fold it into the same amount of cream cheese. Add sugar, vanilla and some lime zest to taste. Put a layer of this on top of the nectarines. At this point it's a good idea to put this into the fridge for several hours. Before serving, add a layer of crubmled shortbread on top.

This is my favorite summer dessert - it's easy to make, looks fancy and tastes sublime. (It also is great with strawberries, apricots or peaches instead of nectarines.)
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here's an example recipe for a clafoutis which might be my all time favourite (non ice cream) summer dessert.
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My favourite -- grilled nectarines with a crumble topping and lemon mascarpone. Every component of this is delicious.
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These frangiapane cookie / dessert squares are wonderful as advertised with apricot (which I have in the oven right now!), and I'd imagine just as good with nectarines. I've done them with mango, and they're great. You could probably also use a traditional almond for the frangiapane part, or another nut, pecan maybe?

My notes: first, double the cookie recipe, and for an even more tender cookie, use half or all almond flour. Also, you can get shelled pistachios from Costco or Wegman's (or Amazon), and a quick rinse will desalinate them to a cook-able level. Or get the paste, which is even easier to bake with.

Serve warm with ice cream.
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I made this galette, but with nectarines, last summer, and people are still talking about it. It tastes like a big cheese danish, but lighter and more refined.
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