Summer hat for women
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Living in Austin during the summer is rough. I am looking to add some hats to help with the sun. I came across a Uniqlo hat and I liked the shape. However, it seems to be out of stock. See: UV Protection Collection, Adjustable Capeline Hat. Are you aware of a similar hat? Can you recommend hats that work well for sunny, brutally hot areas? Also looking for visors or styles that allow me to keep my hair in a bun/pony tail. I use a baseball cap already.
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San Diego Hat Company, UPF 50 Classic Paperbraided Lg Brim Hat, UPF 50 Kettle Brim Hat, and a variety of sun visors.
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Best answer: Floppy Wide Brim Straw Hat is what I wear here in Austin. For a narrower profile, consider a classic straw texas cowboy hat. Wide brim cotton garden hat has a tied back you can slip your ponytale through.
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Best answer: Here to recommend this San Diego Hat Company packable sunhat as the least stupid-looking of the ponytail-friendly hats. (I have this one, which doesn't seem to be available on their site or maybe is a different model?)
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Best answer: knucklebones, it's on their site w/ their other visors; that very nice pattern is a separate listing for some reason.
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Best answer: Wallaroo! Their hats have an inner drawstring that really helps keep the hat on your head.
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Mission makes sun hats that both cool and protect from the sun.
posted by AugustWest at 11:56 PM on June 4, 2021 has some fun ones!
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I love my Scala wide brim sun hat. It comes in many colors and has a moldable brim and an adjustable drawstring.
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I have this pistil Mina Sun Hat in blue. It is in stock on amazon. Very wide brim, which I love, and one of the features I also like is that the brim is bendable/adjustable.
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This was an absolute random find on Amazon, but it's brilliant. It's actually two hats - a small bucket hat with bendable brim, over which buttons an enormous bendable brim which is itself wearable visor-style without the inner hat, and will accommodate a ponytail or bun.
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Solaris Co. on Amazon: Bucket hat; the Sun "safari" hat permits ponytail & protects ears/back of neck
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I really like my wide-brimmed Sunset, Waterside, and Lanai hats from Sunday Afternoons. I don't have a ponytail but they have several that would accommodate a ponytail. For example, this one apparently allows for a ponytail in multiple positions, judging by the pictures. This one covers the back of your neck and has a hole for a ponytail.
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I purchased my sun hat from Sungrubbies. I have a large size head and a lot of hair and yet this hat was not just perfect!. I have been in search for a women's sun hat for many years. I am so glad I found them.
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