What nonprofits sell boxes of blank greeting cards?
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I've gotten cards from Sierra Club and Farm Sanctuary? Who else sells them?

I use cards frequently to write notes after a death, so pictures that are OK for that are best. And I've purchased the Sierra Club blank cards in a stationery store that no longer exists - their website doesn't seem to have them. Are they available somewhere else?
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Best answer: Pomegranate sells a box of 36 blank notecards published with the Sierra Club. "A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product supports the Sierra Club’s efforts to preserve and protect the planet."
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I think UNICEF does!
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Response by poster: Just want to note that I'm looking for blank cards with pictures, not holiday cards or occasion cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), which seems to be all that UNICEF has.
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Art Centres for adults with disabilities will have card sets with really interesting art; this is from my local one, but these centres are fairly common internationally.
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Best answer: I just purchased some UNICEF cards from Amazon that are wonderful. I can’t link but the product title was “Hallmark UNICEF Blank Cards Assortment, Flowers (12 Cards with Envelopes)” and the ASIN and model number was the same, 5STZ5113.
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Best answer: Do art museum gift shops count as non-profit enough? There are quite a lot of options in most big ones.
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Best answer: The Mouth & Foot Painters Association makes nice general-purpose cards.
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Lots of options here -- the International Crane Foundation looks pretty cool.
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Have you seen this page of the Sierra Club's online store? The owl box has 12.
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Response by poster: Metabaroque, the owl cards are gorgeous, but they’re holiday cards. They say Seasons Greetings inside.

Thanks everyone for your help.
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