Valtaren PRN?
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my aging hands have intermittent osteoarthritic pain. Left thumb gets very stiff (can’t text!!). but it is only intermittent. Can Valtaren gel be useful if applied only as needed? Directions say to apply it 4 x per day for 2 weeks—I Would rather not, given my arthritic episodes only last a few days with no treatment. I know YRNMD but i love the wisdom of this hive.
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Best answer: I've been using Voltaren on and off for about 18 years. Sometimes for a bothersome knee (meniscus problems) or stiff hands (especially when the weather is cold). Usually I just need it for a few days (maybe once or twice a day) and then it goes back in the cupboard.
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Best answer: FWIW, everyone I know who uses it uses it intermittently and as needed. I'd take the directions as a guideline for maximum use -- up to 4x/day, etc.
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Best answer: I use Voltaren only as needed and it seems to do the job.
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Best answer: It did not work well for me but did wonders for my sister.
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Best answer: I love it and I use it as needed for the OA in my knees and for my tennis elbow. Be aware that you should NOT use it with Aleeve/Naproxen.
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Best answer: Yes, you can use it as needed.
Ask your own doctor if it’s ok for you to use with ibuprofen/alleve/naproxen etc; I say it’s ok for some of my patients to do so.
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Best answer: I also use it as needed because I can't take oral NSAIDS. Sometimes it's a couple times a day for a few days and sometimes it's just once to work out the stiffness
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