Foodie gift certificate in Columbus OH
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I want to buy a $40 restaurant gift certificate for someone moving to Columbus OH.

I don't know this person very well because have never lived near them, but they are within a close personal network (think in-law kind of thing.)
They are 30 years old and professional.
They are really into high quality food -- not necessarily hole-in-the-wall discovery places.
I don't know their tastes for specific national cuisines.
They have no food restrictions.
They also love good chocolate. So a really high level, good quality dessert place would work.
They don't drink alcohol.
I don't know where in Columbus they will be living but will be working downtown. It would be cool if this would work for take-out too.
-- Any other suggestions for experience gifts in Columbus in this price range would also be great.
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Best answer: Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village.
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Best answer: Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Cameron Mitchell is a CIA-trained chef and his restaurants are all high-end and well-regarded. There’s a good variety of cuisines in his empire - everything from steak to Italian to seafood to burgers. I’ve been to a bunch of them (one of my fraternity brothers was a sous chef in the organization), and they’re all good. Cap City Diner is my personal favorite, but you should be able to find gift cards for the whole enterprise.
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Best answer: Our go-tos for fancy dinners in Columbus (as of 5 years ago; Millenials):

Fancy scmancy French: The Refectory

Italian: Basi Italia

G Michaelsfor American fancy bistro. Grab dessert at Pistachia Vera.

The Sycamore is "rebuilding" but is due to reopen and they always had fantastic desserts.

Out of the Cameron Mitchell, I like Marcellas the best.

I am also legally obligated to mention Jenis.
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Best answer: Schmidt's is a good suggestion. Valters at the Maennerchor is also worth a look. It's a bit cheesy, but the food is good. $40 is probably a meal for one person.

Another idea would be something from the Downtown North Market. I doubt there's a gift certificate that isn't for one specific shop, so you'd have to pick. There's good ice cream, exotic meats, great but expensive olives and oils, pastries and donuts, and other stuff. It's a good place visit.
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Best answer: Check out They have a handful of tours and a sort of "surprise me" delivery dinner thing.
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Best answer: Not downtown but my favorite “fancy” food
The Whitney House
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