When to leave for Tahoe?
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We're going from SF to Tahoe tonight but can't leave until 4:30 p.m. or so. Should we even bother leaving ASAP or should we just wait?

We're going from SF to South Lake Tahoe tonight. Is Bay Bridge and East Bay rush hour traffic so bad that if we can't leave until 4:30, there is no point in going until much later, or can we still make substantial progress at that hour? If we should wait until after rush hour, when should we go? 7? 8?

It's supposed to snow tonight so it would be nice to get going early, but if the freeways are going to be a parking lot then it doesn't seem like there's much point in doing so. Your experiences or insight appreciated.
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Later is better, be sure to check http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/ for latest road conditions; you don't want to get up there and discover the road is closed.
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You also should consider Sacramento traffic, and with the rain, traffic is already backed up. My advice (and what I am planning to do myself) is to go later so the traffic is less and the weather conditions won't getcha.
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If you leave about 7, you'll probably be OK, and you'll arrive at SLT much less irritated.
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Looking out my window in Napa...my suggestion is to wait. It's pouring rain here, which means snow in the mountains and endless traffic getting there.

Were it me, I'd wait until morning.... but that's just me.
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I'd wait. But do pay attention to whether the pass might close - possible if the rain hits that far east. That can be, um, unpleasant.
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I agree with those suggesting for you to wait. Remember that even if you do miraculously have a smooth exit out of SF at 4:30 you'll still hit Sacramento rush hour (admittedly, not as bad as Bay Area but there may still be slowdowns).

Go later and take your chains!
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With this weather you'll hit that long I-80 corridor that stretches from Emeryville to El Cerrito just in time for it to be a parking lot (though it *might* make a difference if you're able to use the HOV lane).

Also, I came up with this list of streaming traffic webcams. I can't check them out on this machine, but they might be useful?
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Every time I tried to blow out of SF at 4:30, it meant not getting to sac until 7:00 or so. On a friday? With crazy rain? (we've got thunder and lightning going on right now in sactown). You probably won't even get across the bridge until 5:15-30 or so. I feel like if you can't get on the bridge by around 2ish, forget it.

so another wait vote, unless it's going to mean the road'll close on you.
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7 pm would be fine. 6 might even be ok, but you'll catch a good part of the lagger traffic. FWIW a couple years ago i used to make this drive (often in these very conditions) about every other friday.
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In grad school (~5 years ago) we always used to leave around 6pm Friday nights for Tahoe. It was never terrible, and we usually got to Tahoe by 10:30 or so. The only thing to watch out for is chain control/pass closure and the concomitant delays.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. Looks like there's a clear consensus in favor of waiting a bit. Worries about road closures were the main reason we were considering going earlier.

This is not going to be a fun drive no matter what, I can tell.
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Don't bother leaving until 7-8. Chain control shouldn't be a problem, I80 was unrestricted yesterday going to Squaw (not sure about US50 but it should have been OK too).
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Yup, DOT for US50 and I80. It was freaking foggy and rainy, though, so don't expect to make a speed run.
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Judging from the torrential downpour Sacramento just got, I don't think the pass will be open for long. I vote for heading up tomorrow/next weekend.
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If you can take 24 to 680 and then catch 80 a bit later on, you might save yourself some time. But I agree with everyone who votes "later is better."
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"If you can take 24 to 680 and then catch 80 a bit later on, you might save yourself some time. But I agree with everyone who votes "later is better.""

Nope. He'll just get screwed when 680 hits 80 by Cordelia. That whole stretch of 80 through Cordelia/Fairfield/Vacaville absolutely blows ass. I've actually hit traffic up until Dixon before. Then it was fine until Davis, when all of the Sacramento traffic got in the way.

Bay Area traffic sucks. :(
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Well, looks like 80 has been closed until 1:30AM, so I truly hope epugachev made it through before the storm. If so, please do enjoy the best day of skiing/ snowboarding evar!
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