New Yorker Poetry Satire
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What was this riff on the 'typical' New Yorker poem, that featured something about a garden and something about infidelity?

In the last few years I remember reading a... tweet? Actual poem? Something else? That was making fun of how the New Yorker curates their poetry. It was referencing a prototypical poem, written by a late-middle aged man, that said something self-justifying about an affair, and something about gardening.
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Could it have been *cough* this comment of mine about the four types of New Yorker poetry?

1. Homage To A Well-Known Poet
2. On The Borders Again
3. Something Amazing Happened To Me In The Garden
4. Me And My Second Wife Have Great Sex
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Response by poster: 😂 Maybe??? So, so accurate!!
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