How do I get all the websites from a stumbledUpon-like site?
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I've recently started using website that is in itself a reincarnation of the popular StumbledUpon website that had once drawn a loyal following. Is there a way to get a list of all the websites in one place that I can browse whenever want isn't slowly scrolling through them? I know this may defeat the purpose of stumbled upon but I'm curious if it's still possible.
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I had a quick browse through, the sites it generated are spookily matched to my interests which makes me think they are using something like Google Recommendations AI to generate the pages.
That means there is probably no complete set of pages, as the algorithm likely just digs out more every day.
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According to the About page, the content is curated and currently has 1874 approved sites on it. That leads me to believe that such a master list exists, but it's not immediately clear how you'd access it.
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Have you tried contacting them? Seems like a small operation.
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