Portland - outside activity for adults with limited mobility?
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Seeking suggestions for low-key outside activity in Portland, for a Saturday afternoon later this month. It will be a group of 5-7 adults, all who walk, some with limited mobility (walk with a cane / limited capacity for distances). Ages 40s to 70s.

Vaccine/COVID deets: we’re from 3 different households, all will wear masks. Looking for an activity that will support social distancing of 6 feet, in addition to being outdoors. Most of the group will be fully vaccinated, but two people from different households will be only 3-10 days post 2nd Pfizer dose.

We’ll have cars, but probably won’t want to drive a super-long distance from downtown Portland.

A garden? A park with benches?
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Best answer: The Lan Su garden is gorgeous. I think there are a few steps inside, but not many.
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Second the Pittock Mansion! There is a rose garden nearby that was glorious when I visited one May - that has several levels of terraces and very nearly all the roses. I remember it being terraced, so it may not all be accessible to the whole group, but would be pretty scenery.
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The Oregon Zoo is open. It's pleasant to walk around and there's food and drink available. You can take a MAX train from downtown.
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There's the International Rose Garden in SW and Peninsula Park in NE. This is probably the season where the Peninsula Park rose garden is in such full bloom that it smells amazingly rosy.
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The Rose Garden really is world-class and it had an ADA overhaul about five years ago. The parking lot is small, is the problem; usually there are shuttles and busses but I don’t know about now.
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Response by poster: These all are great ideas. Thanks!

We'll take a look at the Lan Su garden as our first option. (Seems like a good choice as a way to celebrate and honor AAPI Awareness Month. )
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