Masters in Comp Sci and Business
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I am looking for a 1 year degree with a combination of computer science courses and business courses. It seems that there are a lot of programs that offer a joint MS CS and MBA. However, I already have had 7 years of college/grad school and do not want that.

The closest program I could find is the 'Applied Computing' degree, which is rarely offered in the US but seems to be popular in Canada and a few other countries. Does anyone know of a popular degree in the US, preferably from a prestigious institution that merges the two areas in a less intense way? I have looked at, but am not interested in tech management or data science. Ideal courses would include: software programming, algorithms (CS) and business strategy/accounting.
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You might look into Data Sciences masters programs that have a business focus as an option. Portland State has one, for example, though I don't know how long the program is.
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Best answer: This is a hard ask. You're kind of looking for low level grad courses across two subjects, but masters degrees tend to want to be in depth in one discipline (e.g. MS in Accounting), a broad generalist high level approach to a discipline (e.g. MBA), or strongly interdisciplinary (e.g. Carnegie Mellon's MS in Computational Finance).

The common approaches for CS and generalist business are, as far as I understand, a dual degree CS MS/MBA, an undergrad BS in computer science and an MBA, or an undergrad dual Business/CS degree.
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Is there a reason you can't take the specific courses that interest you as a non-matriculated student? What are you hoping to access via the credential of another master's degree?
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What about a Business Analytics, Applied Business Analytics, or Data Analytics post-grad certificate program or Masters? Depending on the program (and your work situation) you may be able to complete the program in a year, there are online options, and they seem to cover the kind of material you are looking for. Columbia, University of Chicago, MIT Sloan, and UCLA have Masters programs; Harvard Business School has a certificate program.
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Best answer: I can't tell if my previous response got deleted by mods or a crashing computer. So, TLDR. As someone with extensive experience working in higher ed with programs at the MS/PhD level and who interviews for roles like you'd be applying for, the reason you can't find an 1 year program that blends two very different disciplines is because there's not a lot of market demand for such a thing.

If you feel you need classwork in either subject, just take them outside of a degree program but after 7 years of school, my advice would be to just jump into the job market.
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