Twin hats?
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My twin and I want to up our twin game. What kind of matching/complementary hats should we get?

We thought about getting robes to wear to parties but then landed on hats. We call eachother twin 1 and twin 2. My brother wants something “creative that he cannot envision” and he considers me the creative one, so I’m basically on my own designing cool twin hats. Design suggestions? Images? Words? And - does anyone know someplace I could get this done?
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There's a ton of places to get custom made stuff out there, but I've found vistaprint to be consistently the cheapest.

I think two halves of something broken would be fun. My first thought was a heart broken and each person has a half, but that's cliche and means something else.

Oh, or what about what made you twins. A sperm and egg splitting would be an interesting logo

I mean, honestly, matching haircuts, accessories, and clothing is usually enough. My friends that are twins match all the time because, well, they just have the same style.
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One hat says "I'm the evil twin." The other hat also says "I'm the evil twin."
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Something using the Seussian esthetic.
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Something blue and fuzzy so you look like Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Edit: Or, you know, exactly what theora55 just said.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for the answers so far! For clarity I am a female, we’re boy/girl twins.
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Spy vs. Spy
Castor/Leda, if Orphan Black fans. Spoilers abound if you follow up the reference.
Wonder Twin powers activate!
Want to play a gross joke on your twin? Cersei and Jamie Lannister hats.
Luke and Leia.
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Are you talking, like, ballcaps with words or pictures on them? Or, like, we both wear decorated cowboy hats/fedoras/newsboy caps? Or, like, things you could wear to a royal wedding, Phillip Treacy hats? Or things you could wear to Royal Ascot Phillip Treacy hats?
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I love this question so much! You and your twin sound super fun.

Depending on your budget (and your feelings about octopuses), This hat from Etsy is something creative that I certainly couldn't have envisioned before I saw it. You could get a pair in complementary color schemes.

For something less expensive but no less creative, you and your twin would certainly turn heads in custom made troll hair (also Etsy).
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Yin and Yang?
Open and closed quote marks?

I’m joining your brother in leaving you to work out how, though :)
Maybe papier-mâché shapes stuck on top of caps?
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for you, a white hat that says "i'm the creative one" in helvetica, for your twin the most gaudy nightmarish contrivance you can manage (wings, bells, feathers) and a pin that says "i trust my twin" in comic sans.
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Mom’s Favorite.
I’m the other one.

(And trade hats as needed)
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Pics of
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
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Response by poster: These are awesome and hilarious! To answer a question - I mean (probably) ball caps with graphics or words on them. But open to literally all suggestions. Keep ‘em coming!
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I don't know if this will help but I have often thought about getting one of these ridiculous awesome felt hats from this place, or this place, or this place. Perhaps you might find some inspiration there.
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My twin and I had "thing 1" and "thing 2" t-shirts, then these shirts

Etsy shows hats
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Matching Kangol Casuals! Or contrasting ones. The linked Ties That Bind style seemed thematic, but they are offered in a wide range of colors and styles. It is a surprisingly versatile hat. I used to wear mine with the brim rolled up sometimes, like a bowler hat.
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Frog bucket hat
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all of these! They’re great. After reading your responses and further consideration, I definitely am leaning towards a baseball style cap - so any more graphic or word ideas for those would be greatly appreciated.
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