Delicious coconut treats by mail
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Is there a small business in your area you love, that makes amazing coconut treats, and can ship to Washington State? Please recommend and describe!

My Mom is fabulous, and I'd like to send her coconut deliciousness with the following parameters:

1. Local to your community in the US, but able to ship to Seattle.
2. Sweet is inferred, but savory is welcome too.
3. She loves cuisines from around the world. Unique tastiness is the only requirement.
4. No dietary restrictions.
5. Bonus points for places that also offer delicious non-coconut treats for non-enthusiasts like my Dad.

In conclusion, please help me knock off my Mom's compression socks with coconut noms. Thank you!
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Best answer: I have personally visited, though it's not local to me, but can recommend the coconut-glazed macadamia nuts from Hamakua on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Dessert-sweet, but great coconut flavor. For a savory side you can garnish with their coconut oil or they have a number of flavored nuts, like SPAM. They ship via USPS to the continental US.
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Local to your mom, Theo’s has these awesome dark chocolate coconut bites. So if she isn’t already familiar with them and it turns out she loves them it will be easy for her to get more. They also make some funky and innovative flavors for your dad to try. (I’m a big fan of Theo’s, they are very careful about the ethics of their product in a market rife with abusive practices.)
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Best answer: Local to my home region of western/northern New York is this amazing coconut brittle (the peanut is also stunning).
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