Tips for prepping and painting previously painted wooden chairs
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I want to paint oak chairs that have several layers of somewhat chipped paint. What would you suggest for filling chips and dings? Also, what's the best paint type for a kitchen chair? I used acrylic latex interior semi-gloss enamel on one, but it hasn't held up well. I need a paint with better coverage and more rub-resistant. Thanks.
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I would sand out the rough edges and paint.
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Use a good wood filler on dings and big chips. Small scratches and single chips will probably sand out okay.

Get an oil-based or water-based alkyd enamel, especially one that's advertised for use on cabinets — I like Benjamin Moore Advance, which is water-based. Sand the whole piece lightly to scuff up the old paint, then paint two coats (with dry time in between). It's held up very well on everything I've put it on.
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Any generic wood filler paste from your home store will do. I've always been a fan of traditional enamel paints (like Rustoleum Enamel brush-on) for chairs, bar stools, etc., but it does stink quite a lot more on application than the acrylic alkyd equivalents. As mentioned above, surface prep is key to good adhesion: sand, wipe off dust, etc.
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