How can I create a Kindle book from multiple webpages?
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I have the Chrome extension 'Send to Kindle' that allows me to send a webpage to my Kindle. I would rather put several webpages/articles/files into one book. How can I do this?

Not much more to add. I discovered GrabMyBooks by googling, but I don't know anything about it, and I hate to download programs without some sort of trust chain. Has anyone used it? or have any other suggestions? TIA
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The first thing I thought of would be Calibre's built-in conversion facility.

However, here's another approach that may be easier for you:

By combining the HTML files and images into one zip file, you could make a single e-book -- but leaving them separate might help avoid clashing CSS.
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You can use the free ebook management software Calibre to make custom ebooks, but it won’t be a one-click solution.

Once you have your new custom book in Calibre, Calibre does support the email-to-kindle function so that part is basically one click.

Last time I checked Calibre had a bunch of plugins to automatically make ebooks of popular sites; mainly blogs, newspapers and magazines. So if that’s what you’re looking for it may already be implemented. If you’re looking for random unrelated pages you’ll likely have to do that yourself.
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Best answer: You can do this with Instapaper. Once you've saved pages/articles to the service, you can group them into a folder and then export the folder in a few different formats including Kindle and ePub. The export will have a ToC listing each article as a chapter in the book.
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If you can print to PDF and then use PDF authoring/editing software to combine PDFs that may work. I have emailed myself PDFs using my send to kindle email.

Two free options for PDF programs that can combine: Preview on Mac and PDFill on windows.

The full page of the pdf will appear scaled down to fit the kindle screen so you may want to play with the zoom settings on each web page before you print. You cannot scale the text like you can on an e-book.
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PDF is rarely, if ever, a good option on a Kindle. I don’t have an answer for you, but I know that much for sure.
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Response by poster: Instapaper had the fewest steps, so I gave it a try, and it does the job. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.
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For the benefit of anyone else reading this thread, the Chrome and Firefox extension EpubPress will also do this. You can select a number of tabs you have open and compile them into an ebook.
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