Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, open, best by Nov. 2020—can I eat it?
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I have like a third to half of an open, refrigerated bottle left of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce. It has a "best by" on it that's specifically "buy by" November 4, 2020. I think I've had it open in the fridge since sometime in mid-2019, after I moved in here. The scent is fine, but I don't know if it's safe to eat the rest. Can I eat it? I have a pulled pork sandwich that it would be great on.
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Best answer: I'd eat it without hesitation. I've eaten condiments over a decade old, five years after moving them from house to house, and they've been fine.
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Best answer: The salt and acidity of the sauce plus fridge would make me happy to eat this.
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Best answer: I’m usually pretty cautious about this stuff and I would eat this without hesitation.
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Best answer: I wouldn’t, but I know I’m on the safe side of these “can I eat it” questions. It’s been open for a year and a half...I’d go get another bottle of delicious BBQ sauce and carry on! Also hot tip: write the date when you open it on the label with a sharpie and you’ll always know how long its been open!
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Best answer: In this case, if it smells fine, it's fine.

It's a "best by" date, not a "throw away after" date.
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Best answer: I would definitely eat it. I've never been fussy about this kind of stuff -- and as far as I know, I have only ever had food poisoning once, after eating in a dodgy-looking restaurant in Eastern Europe.
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Response by poster: I ate it, friends. It was delicious on my sandwich. I will let you know how it goes, or if it doesn't go well, I'm sure a MeFite friend will.
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Best answer: Sugar is also a preservative.
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Best answer: With things that are acidic, salty, and or sweet, I don't worry about the expiration date. I do look at the top of the contents for the formation of mold. (For myself, I just spoon out the mold with a little of the contents and eat the rest anyway. Not everyone would be content to do that.)

Which makes me want to add: if it would worry you to eat it, don't. It's not that much money.
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Best answer: You'll probably be fine but 2 years after being opened is pushing your luck and I would not serve something that old that had been open that long to someone with digestive issues or a weakened immune system.

BBQ sauce generally does not have enough acid to inhibit bacterial growth. The sugar typically found in BBQ sauce provides a better amount of protection.

The best by date is meaningless in this case - the worst case scenario is that the flavor/texture will be a little worse unless the product contains something like nuts that will go rancid with time even in a close container. But once you break the seal, the safety that pasteurization provides is gone.
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Response by poster: I survived, by the way, with no ill effects thus far. I appreciate all the answers!
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