Rocky Mountain Thai--good delivery or other ideas in Denver?
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Hello Mefites. I just found out that pretty much the whole family of a good friend in Denver has tested positive for COVID (her husband and three kids). They are quarantined in their house and our friend group wants to help by sending meals but none of us live there, so I'm looking for suggestions.

Do any Denver denizens have recommendations for restaurants we could order from that would do curb-side deliveries? They are vegetarians and live close to the Museum of Nature and Science, if that helps. If anyone has great ideas that are not food-based, we're open to those too. Thank you!
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This is my neighborhood, the three I like are:

(This might only be pickup right now)
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In a semi-similar situation, we organized a mealtrain and friends far away are just claiming nights and sending delivery service gift codes (separately; Mealtrain will let you do it through them but there are fees.) It's not the greatest since the delivery service takes such a big cut from the restaurants, but it's a very straightforward way to feed someone from afar. (And if you do have a particular restaurant you want to order from, you could just send a gift certificate for that.)

This may not be wanted or useful but if your friend needs anything stocked up to take care of herself and a sick family, you might see if you could organize a grocery/Postmates delivery with whatever?

I hope everybody gets well soon.
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Uber Eats (or the like) gift cards (which can be emailed)!
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I moved here from Bangkok and will happily bitch all day about the lack of decent Thai. However, Peter's Chinese delivers to that area. Solid with good fresh ingredients. My friend liked it so much that he made a large delivery order the night before he left, and flew it home. They have their own delivery people too, so none of that Doordash foolishness.
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So as not to abuse the edit window: City O' City is a very good vegetarian restaurant with lots of kid-pleasing choices, and has delivery as well.
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Books for the younkies? About 6 months ago I transferred some money to an independent bookstore near my grandchildren in The Next Country to run a tab for their bday, Xday, boreday presents. Tattered Cover Book Store Colfax +1 303-322-7727 is closest to yr target. They do curbside pickup.
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This is my neighborhood, too. I like Tasty Thai and 9 Thai, both are on Colfax. For Indian, Yogi's is good.
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