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WikiFilter: I need a wiki that will allow Password protected forums, groups or users, & file attachments. I also need the app to be free. Anyone know of one?
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So it needs to be much more than a wiki? (those don't usually include forums..)

Are you going to host it on your on server? What platform? Do you know any scripting languages? Which?

Or are you looking for something hosted by a 3rd party?
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Response by poster: OOps...Yes i will be hosting it on a windows server. I need something like this software but with the features of its standard version which is not free. THanks!
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Best answer: MoinMoin is a python wiki that has a lot of features. It will handle attachments. You can use Access Control Lists to allow or disallow any combination of users from editing a page.

Wiki packages don't generally include forums. Thats a seperate thing. Look at PhpBB or something like that.

Do accounts/passwords have to apply to both wiki and forums? Cause that means integrating the two somehow, and that makes it harder...

I think TikiWiki has what you want. I've never dealt with it though. It seems targeted at businesses.
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Tikiwiki is quite good. It has galleries, forums, file uploads, blogs, comments, everything.

It has also a quite fine grained group permission system, so you can make groups of users that can only edit the wiki, or post on the forums, or administrate everything.

One thing that it has and was very useful in my application is that you can assign _view_ permissions to categories. For example, we have an open CMS (slashdot style), but posts in the category "fightclub" will only be seen by members of the fightclub group, while other posts will be visible for all members, and some categories will be visible for even anonymous users.
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Oh, at you can test-drive (as admin!) every open source cms (including wiki) software under the sun. It has sandboxes which are restarted every half an hour, in which you can do whatever you want. Have fun.
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Response by poster: Tikiwiki worked out great. Thanks for the posts.
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A little late, but e107 is a great one as well.
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I'm using tikiwiki for my Masters project and it's awesome. My biggest complaint is that there are so many features that it's hard to get under control and being open source the documentation is kind of sparse. Also, the templates are tricky to work with if you had any customization in mind because they use smarty templates (smarty is a php template generator).

It's the best wiki software I've found with community features though, you'll get a lot to work with.
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