What haircut should I get, queer masc edition
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In slightly less than two weeks I will be fully vaccinated and able to get my first haircut since early March 2020. Questions within.

Okay, so normally I have a classic short back and sides cut but with a pretty floppy top, little bit of a fade. Currently my hair is almost ponytail length. I don't want to keep it this long all over because it's driving me up the wall. In fact, I assume that I'll go back to the old hairstyle in due course.

So I was thinking - why not get a fun haircut for a few months, something I wouldn't normally do? My hair is a mix of straight and slightly wavy, tends to be a bit frizzy when long and is fairly thick. I like to wash it daily and am unwilling to do too much styling - pomade or gel and maybe a little fancy blowdrying yes, but heat styling and lots of products no. I bike a lot, so while it doesn't need to stay neat it should look good disheveled.

What fun and/or trendy haircuts could I get to take advantage of my long hair? Should I get a fashion mullet? (I haven't seen any really good ones for straightish hair though.) Do I keep a rat-tail? (Maybe.) I have a perfectly enormous head and normally like styles which are short/shaved on at least one side.

Anyway. What hairstyle should I get?
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I don’t know exactly but I went to a queer hairstylist a few weeks ago in much the same situation and said, “Make me look like a hot guy from the 90s” and I was very pleased with the result.
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I've got jaw length hair with a significant all around undercut. I get my top hair into a little stub ponytail, good fun! if you part it real far to the side, you get extreme floppage!
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My first thought was a “fauxhawk.” Could be converted to your usual style easily. I’m not sure about the cultural nuances related to that style or full mohawks, though.
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From the sounds of it, I bet you would look great with a mohawk-style deal. Maybe something Vikings style.
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I'm currently more than a little obsessed with the little undercut bun style currently being sported by Melissa Dilkes Pateras aka the Laundry Lesbian Who Likes Caulk.
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The dirtbaggy mullet mohawks are a fun look. I had one for like a month when I turned 30.
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I've had an undercut with a long pouf on top which was super super fun and you can do a lot with it! If you are good to chop everything off, I would urge a longish mohawk, so you can flop it over to one side or comb straight back, and the back creates a kind of baby mullet or rat-tail. (Basically, the effect is quite a soft mohawk.) And another vote for the mullet-y look phunniemee suggests! I had started to grow a lil 90's dyke mullet before I got my hair done (think adjacent to Sparrow in DTWOF) and it was a source of real joy.
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An Erin McKeown–inspired undercut, pompadour, ponytail hybrid as Flan in this Vice article on queer pandemic hair suggests. (Currently growing mine out with a similar cut in mind.)
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