Alternatives to Goat-to-Meeting
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A few months back, my company did a zoom call with a "goat-to-meeting" (or a very similar org) which is a humorous team event where a farm joins the zoom and you get to meet the animals and ask questions. They had alpacas and tortoises and other unusual rescue animals. It was a huge hit and we are now looking to do a spring team event and would like to find something as interesting and funny. Do any of you recommend any other quirky team meeting things like goat-to-meeting? Also open to any ideas for zoom team meetings that are not trivia, bingo, or stand-up comedy. Thank you!
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Have one of your execs do the "lawyer cat" filter thing. :)
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My job did a remote escape room. It was actually, against all odds, really fun and worked out perfectly.
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Airbnb offers a bunch, although they are geared towards travel experiences.

There's a sake tasting place near me which is doing online tastings. They ship everyone a box with sake, tasting note sheets, and charts - then everyone joins a meeting with a guide from the distillery who walks everyone through it. You may want to see if there are wineries or distilleries near you doing the same.
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(As a sober employee, though not your sober employee, please consider skipping alcohol tastings unless you are 100% sure that everyone on your team drinks and that no one is abstaining due to recovery, pregnancy, medication reactions, religious reasons or holidays, etc etc.)

Virtual museum tours? I swear I've seen such offered online recently, though I couldn't point to a specific one right now.
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joycehealy has a good point regarding alcohol in the workplace. You could also do something less formal with Girl Scout Cookies, Pocky, or some other food item that comes in varieties.
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I suspect food/drink have enough issues with people that you might want to avoid that area entirely. But online gaming seems to work. My office did online Pictionary and people liked that one. Or "find an object and say something interesting about it," maybe.
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We did cookie baking as a team, the ingredients were all mailed to us and we all baked together on Zoom, it was really fun!
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As an imaginary employee, I might be happiest with another animal zoom. Possibly even with revisiting the same animals.
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There are Zoom murder mystery events - we did one at work on Thursday and it was good fun - you break out into small teams regularly, which makes it easier for individuals to chat, as well as the fuller group sessions. And gives some work to actors, who are having a hard time of it right now! Depending on your budget, you can also offer prizes to the winning team (I won a JustEat voucher, much to my surprise and delight).

I don't know the name of the one we did last week, but I've also done one by Sharp Teeth Theatre which was good fun. They've got a new one coming out set in Antarctica. They're based in the UK but we had a US friend with us on our call. You can either join a regular performance, or book one specifically for your group if you have enough people.
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