Looking for Trevor Noah/Daily Show clip about absentee ballot fraud
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Trevor Noah did a bit about the steps one would need to take if one wanted to commit voter fraud via mail-in ballot.

It illustrated the ridiculous number of steps it would take and how unlikely it would be to do it successfully on a big enough scale to affect an election.

The steps were: knowing whether or not person was already registered, knowing their personal information, being able divert just the mail-in ballot to a new address, or being able to intercept the mail by waiting by a mailbox every day for days or weeks that it takes for ballot to be delivered, etc. There were something like eleven steps and everything had to coordinate just so.

I saw it on YouTube but searching there...endless scrolling. I think it was post-2018 election but done in the studio, so pre-corona.
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I know I saw this in the recent election, whether or not it was made regarding 2018. So they've at least run it fairly recently. That doesn't help you, but it might mean that it's somewhere near the top of their list under Videos on the Daily Show's YouTube page. Sorry I'm not more helpful.
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