Brazilian waxist in London?
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Recommendations for a Brazilian bikini wax in London?

I have to do this anon. because my boyfriend (a MeFite) will be suspicious that I'm asking and I'm taking him on a secret holiday next week. I have found waxist but no one to do a Brazilian. Help!
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It's not a personal recommendation but Google pulls up plenty under the string "brazilian wax london".

For starters this seems like a respectable list (scroll down to "London").
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so what are the criteria for a good brazilian anyway?
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so what are the criteria for a good brazilian anyway?

Hygiene, wax used (some more likely to cause burning or ingrown hairs), cost.
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I had good experiences with 171 on Upper St, Islington. This was a couple of years ago now, however.
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Aren't they called "Hollywood waxes" over there? Or is that something else entirely? I remember reading a magazine article about Courtney Love getting waxed in her limo in London in front of a British journalist. There were pix and everything.

It was kinda sorta ewww.
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potsmokinghippieoverlord: It really depends on who you're talking to. Some people refer to a Brazilian wax as a wax that leaves a landing strip, whereas a Hollywood clears the whole area out. Some people refer to Brazilian as the whole 9 yards, as it were.
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