Seeking Extra Extra? wide shower shoes
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I'm trying to help someone (from a distance) find nonslip shower shoes that will fit her very wide feet.

Length-wise her feet are at least a women's 9, so her feet are long enough for "men's" shoes. However, she has edema, so "regular" men's shoes are too narrow.*

*Since this is a somewhat sensitive topic with this person, I'd like to propose options before bothering her for exact sizing details.

So Metafilter do extra extra wide shower shoes even exist? The extra wide shoes I've been finding online don't seem to be made for getting wet. Other reasonable safety measures are already in place in the bathroom (bath mats, grab bars), but we both agree some additional treads would provide some additional security.
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Shower sandals basically comes in two types: the "sleeve" type (that goes around the front of the foot), and the between-toes (a y-shaped "strap" that fits between big toe and the second toe) type. The sleeve type has a size restriction, the toe- type less so. The problem is none of them are really designed for traction, as they don't stay secure on the feet.

There are also what are basically clogs, but they are a bit less practical if it's "just for shower".

I'd recommend this from Bed Bath and Beyond: Aquaflops This is men's size, but the top "sleeve" section are hook-and-loop adjustable to fit. So it should fit well enough. And it's designed to get wet (supposedly).

If that doesn't work we can probably come up with a couple really secure clog-type
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I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing of what’s a shower shoe beating a shoe you can wear in the shower.

Crocs are very grippy while wet and the clog style means they are hard to slip out of. I have wide and tall feet and one pair of mine are definitely still roomier (and I wear them with thicker socks). There are certain styles that are “roomier” but I believe that is easy to search for on the site. Apologies if shower shoe means something more specific that I’m missing
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I don't have a specific recommendation but she might want to look at water shoes marketed for boaters (this is the kind of thing I'm talking about: Aleader sneakers). They don't generally come in wide sizes but they are usually soft and stretchy (not sure if that would suffice for your friend).

Shoes for water aerobics would also be a good thing to look at.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone who has responded so far. To the best of my understanding, with her edema (example online image of swollen feet), even regular men's shoes aren't wide enough. In addition, her feet are very sensitive and cannot tolerate pressure/rubbing.

The e-x-t-r-a wide shoes I've seen online seem to be unsuitable for two main reasons 1) they are out made out of leather, nubuck, or fabric -> poor choice for getting wet on a regular basis and 2) lack a non slip grip.
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Would these work? Serafina. They come in WW and she could go up a half size to get a little more space.
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According to the ad, Aquaflops is made of EVA Rubber and has textured surface for anti-slip.

They also have loafers and boat shoes that are similarly water draining and antimicrobial. Those don't seem to come in wide though.
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Oofos Sport Flex and Dunham Newport Slide sandals both seem water proof and adjustable. Crocs-style clogs seem like a good option as well, and can be found in wider sizes - e.g. Kingsize brand.

What country - USA?
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Word of caution about Oofos: if the material is anything like that of their original sandals, the footbed is dangerously slippery when wet. I was in days of pain from a severe ankle roll due to my (wet from the pool) foot sliding out of a Oofos original sandal.
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New Balance make adjustable slip on sandals that come in 4E that might work, depending on how much the top can open. Smallest men's size is a 7, so that should work.
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I have wide feet and have found that if you get crocs or fake crocs (I have ones that look like ballet flats), you can stuff them with socks and heat them up with a hair dryer to stretch them out a lot.
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