Best ways to use an idle garage spot?
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In the near future, I'll have access to an enclosed, unoccupied garage parking space. What are some fun things I could do with it?

It's big enough to hold your standard SUV plus maybe a couple extra feet in front. I can do minor construction stuff (e.g. adding peg board). Assume that time and interest are no object, but money kind of is.

Some ideas I came up with:

- Home gym with squat rack and weights (current front runner)
- Ceramics studio with wheel and kiln
- Hydroponic vegetable area
- Sad poker room
- Painting/drawing studio
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Underground espresso bar
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Recording studio (you might need to do some sound-proofing) for either music or making podcasts
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Per an ask a a month ago or so, before making too many plans, if use of the space is governed by an HOA or similar, find out if they have restrictions on what you can't do with the garage.
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Best answer: Mini Movie Theatre (for, y'know, when...) with old armchairs and sofas and a popcorn machine.
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Response by poster: @Candleman: Good point—I have already checked with the HOA, and as long as we're not doing anything permanent it should be fine. So like adding a wall to make a photo darkroom is probably out, as would be adding a Cheers-style bar.

I should add as well that we have a little enclosed area behind the garage that's already built out! Think of it as a long pantry with overhead storage. Too narrow to hang out in, but might be good for making salami or something. Suggestions are welcome for that area as well.
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I'd love such a spot to learn to jam skate.
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Best answer: Buy an Oculus Quest 2 and use it as your space to play in. Really - super fun experience.

Or, a large area to put a cnc machining spot and work on maker builds!

But yeah, honestly, I went for the squat rack and weights and don't regret it. Just make sure you are on a plan/fitness coach / something to keep you using it.
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Best answer: One of those slidey skating simulators, with a large screen TV showing that 10 hour train ride across Norway

Golf net

DIY California Adventure / Hang Gliding simulator

VR simulator, maybe one of those pods you stand on, or a driving/flying rig where your seat tilts with the scene

slot car race set / model train layout

indoor cornhole

music listening room with 2 of those hanging bubble chairs
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Best answer: With nothing breakable and no furniture for balls to vanish behind, it would make a good space for learning to juggle, or for learning more tricks / adding more things if you already have the knack.

Alternatively, how about a swimming pool? (NB I've never so much as seen an endless pool for real, let alone owned one, so this is not an endorsement of the concept or of any particular company selling them.)
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Best answer: If you use the area for plants, it can also make a great thinking space aka meditation room. Set up your hydroponic veggie garden along the wall. Get a free-standing hammock and lounge by your garden.

If you go the home gym route, how about adding a good set of speakers so you can blast your favorite tunes while you work out? (my personal fave is More Jazzercise because I love to be constantly cheered on by Judi Sheppard cooing "Lookin' Good!" also the vinyl record comes with a poster that makes excellent wall decor IMO)
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Possibly a moonboard would work in that kind of space if you're into climbing (or want to get into climbing).
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Tennis balls and a puppy. That's what I'm doing for now. Minimal effort=tired puppy.
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Oh, I've always wanted somewhere to put a dot isolation tent
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How about using it for its intended purpose. Either rent it out to someone who has a weekend car that would want a garage space (make money!) or get a project car and learn to fix it.
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Man. Garages can be anything. There is such an awesome intersection of “anything” + “hang space” that makes garages so great. Whatever you fit it out as, make sure there’s a place just to comfortably hang out.

My finished garage contains all of our homes coffee roasting, beer brewing, alcohol distilling, sewing, mushroom growing, seed starting, pickle fermenting, tropical plant growing, bicycle building, speakeasy needs... and even includes a tv and a pull out couch for guests. It’s barely a full car garage.

But really, hobby space plus room to chill is perfect. Making room for hobbies that are quasi spectator sports are always nice. Just thinking how nice it was (pre Covid) to like work on bikes with the door open and neighbors would just pop by for a beer or whatever.

Nice low key community builder, those open garage doors.
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It’s a good place to put your baby chicken brooder until they are fledged out enough to go onto an outside coop.
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Can you rent it out? Depending on where it is, a garage spot could be worth several hundred bucks a month. Incoming cash is always fun.
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Lots of projects will fit in a garage:
Small climbing wall.
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Really think a home gym is the way to go. Will be useful post-pandemic too.
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My garage is a storage spot (mostly for gardening stuff, but also a nonzero amount of stuff we haven't unpacked since moving in), home gym, stained glass studio, and chopper workshop. If I had infinite money and space, I'd throw one of those home saunas in there!
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