Pitching a sitcom
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How would I go about pitching a sitcom to the BBC?
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Best answer: Writers Room if you've actually written a full script. BBC Commissioning if it's just an idea you want to pitch. See specifically this FAQ.
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Response by poster: Wow! OK, thanks a lot.
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Let me just add that the sitcom business in the UK is littered with the bones of aspiring writers. I have a very good friend who was one of the writers on BIRDS OF A FEATHER and several other hit shows. He subsequently pitched a sitcom which was commissioned and went into production.

I sat in the pub with him night after night hearing the horror stories. After that experience, I would never even contemplate getting involved with that side of the business. Movies and documentaries are shitty, but not that shitty. And he was a very well-established writer, not someone just trying to break in.
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