Non covid, non depressing 2020 time capsule item
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A family member has decided to create a time capsule for his child's first birthday next month. He and his wife have asked people to contribute an item from 2020 for the child.

I am having a difficult time coming up with anything that isn't related to covid. I'd love to contribute something that is a reminder that good things also happened in 2020.
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Best answer: Kamala/1st Woman VP bumper sticker/paraphernalia?
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A Joe Biden bumper sticker?
Something tiger king (not exactly not depressing)
A Billie Eilish CD.
DVD of the movie Soul?
I feel like pop culture ones are pretty good.
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The Pentagon releasing their UFO videos should have been a way bigger item in our minds?? Maybe a toy UFO?

Space X Launch?

If the first few days of 2021 count by any chance, the Mars Rover....
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Fiona Apple's Fetch the Bolt Cutters or Phoebe Bridger's Punisher or RTJ4 (or any of the absolutely amazing music made this year) on CD or vinyl (weirdly probably vinyl for future-proofing lol).
Or I guess a sign or art related to the protests last summer.
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It’s a tiny bit late but a pair of Bernie Sanders mittens would be cute
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There's a website called which has "Good News | Latest Positive and Inspiring Stories"... and on there, you can go back through the posts of 2020. Here are a few that stood out for me: A cat that was found in 2020, after being lost in the 2018 wildfires; Australian girl rescues shark at high tide; Tom Hanks gives a typewriter to a bullied kid; a parrot that saves a sleeping family by alerting them to a fire; and a dog that was cloned who had once saved his pregnant owner from a venomous snake... but you can look through and see if anything else strikes your fancy.
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secret recipes! I think this is an utterly 2020 thing that will age delightfully.
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A stock certificate for 1 share of Zoom.
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You can go through the 2020 posts on this very website to see all the great stuff that happened...

The Great Conjunction
KFC Game Console
DeepMind "solves" protein folding
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Best answer: If you want an I Voted sticker, I tidied my desk this weekend and unearthed one that's freshly unstuck and commemorates 100 years of women voting. I'd be happy to mail it to you.
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Best answer: A good sourdough bread recipe or a pair of sweatpants (I admit these are kind of COVID adjacent)
Sea shanty lyrics
Voter registration form
Baby Yoda toy
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If either you or they live in the LA or Tampa area, you could get a World Champions t-shirt for one of the four major sports (baseball and basketball for LA, football and hockey for Tampa).
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Best answer: A book by Amanda Gorman.
"Future Nostalgia" by Dua Lipa.
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The Great Conjunction was one of my personal 2020 cool highlights.
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Comet NEOWISE was a bright spot, literally and figuratively, of 2020.
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Something from Gamestop.
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I'm also happy to mail you some Biden and Harris stickers if you'd like. Just MeMail me your mailing address.
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Choose one of the baby animals born at a zoo around the world in 2020 and get the child a stuffed animal to represent it. Even better, look up the 2020 "zooborns" from the zoo in the city nearest the family, where the child might visit as they get older, and get a stuffed animal of one (or two or three!) of those -- all the major zoos have their babies on their websites.
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Animal Crossing for Switch got me through a lot of this year
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DVD of 2020 Academy Awards Best Picture Winner, "Parasite" - Kwak Sin Ae and Bong Joon Ho, Producers.
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I think there's no way not to mention COVID but maybe just a cute mask?

2020 was the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote in the US.
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2020 silver dollar (link)
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For the record, Amanda Gorman, Bernie’s mittens, and GameStop all happened in 2021.
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Dr Seuss book: either your favorite, or one that will no longer be published?
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Best answer: A box of Crayola’s Colours of the World Crayons, released in 2020, with a range of 24 colours meant to represent different skin tones. (I’m old enough to remember the extremely not-inclusive “flesh” crayon, as well as the inadequate “multicultural” 8-pack from the 1990s, so IMO this is a big step up and good news.)
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This wikipedia article may provide some inspiration!

Things I'd forgotten about
-Caiou was taken off PBS
-XFL had it's first season (sort of)
-Scientists identified the largest eruption in Yellowstone history
-The Humanitarian Noble prize was give to the World Food Program.

Poke around see what you find ^_^
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the great ideas! The baby is biracial, so I'm going to go with the Crayola's Colors of the World Crayons, some Kamala Harris memorabilia. I'll also throw in some Baby Yoda into the mix because he's so darn cute.
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