Hope me choose front doorknob finish
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My small one-story suburban US house is going to be painted navy with bright white trim, and the door itself will be Taos blue. The house numbers, which are over the front door, will be silver. The porch light, which is next to the door will be black. What finish would look best for the doorknob and lock?
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Best answer: Since the taos blue seems to have some brightness, I'd lean toward black for knob and lock for contrast.
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Brushed nickel.
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Seconding Miko. Definitely brushed nickel.
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I came to say brushed nickel, but the black idea is interesting to me.
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Personally, I think the numbers should be white. Door knob... white would not look very good, as it'll catch dirt quite easily. Though how about just stainless steel / silver like the door numbers?
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I would do black to match the light. If you want a contrasting color, a rubbed brass is more "on trend" than silver or nickel. Sounds like a fun project!
ETA: Sorry, I missed that the numbers are stainless steel. Sounds like you should match either the numbers or the light. I pick the light!
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Best answer: I just got a red exterior door and rubbed brass (basically black from far away) doorknob and it looks incredible.

I think nickel/stainless is a little behind the current trends but door hardware also doesn't need to be trendy. That said, when I google image search "taos blue" most of the doors have the black hardware and IMO that looks way better than the silver.
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Best answer: Liks misskaj, I googled "taos blue" and agree that black looks better.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Black it is.

I didn't even think to look at the hardware of the Taos Blue doors online. Yep.
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Yeah now that I've looked, I agree.
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