NAME! THAT! SHOW! From a single still image.
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A few of us were in a meeting with someone with their TV paused in the background. We've become obsessed with figuring out what show/movie it is.

This meeting was late at night, and now 5 of us are obsessed with figuring out what show or movie this grainy screenshot of a paused tv in the background of a zoom call.

Not because it's important, not because we want to watch it (though maybe), but just because we've been in quarantine a long time and we needed mystery in our lives.

Could we ask her? Sure, but the meeting was two weeks ago and it isn't someone any of us know outside of this one meeting and we've enjoyed the running mystery for all of us.
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The guy kind of looks like Philip Michael Thomas. Could it be Miami Vice? The blazer-over-t-shirt wardrobe is appropriate.
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A tangential thought - maybe figure out what streaming service has that interface ("More to watch" in the lower-left etc.), and that might narrow the available shows. I'd guess a recent TV show, given that it's in 16:9.
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I believe this shot shows La Trice Harper as the character Deja from the recently aired S5 Ep 9 of This is Us.
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Following up from alygator's suggestion - here's a screengrab from 19:53 in that episode.
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Holy crap.
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THANK YOU Alygator and Spielzebub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This question gave me more pandemic joy than I want to admit.
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Yes, I definitely just need to jump in and say holy crap, y'all are amazing sleuths and knowers of things.
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That was AwSOmE!
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Amazing. And under 30 minutes from question to answer.
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