Baby shower gift. Difficulty level: witchy.
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My friend is pregnant, the baby is due on the solstice. 🧙‍♀️

Her (remote online) baby shower is mother nature/divine feminine/coven's blessing themed. (She's not pagan or wiccan; she's the adult lady version of the girl at the sleepover who was always the first to suggest playing light as a feather. There aren't any deeply held religious practices to tiptoe around for her.)

I'll get the baby something practical off her registry, but I'd like to get an additional special gift just for my lovely and generous friend that will embrace this new stage of her life with all the witchypoo sisterhood that she loves so much.

Note: I got her a "divine feminine" crystals starter kit for her birthday a couple years ago so she's already got crystals from me. Also: no jewelry recs please.
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A moon and stars crib mobile. Lots of lovely ones on Etsy. Alternately, Literally Anything with Blessed Be stitched onto it.
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Best answer: Would you be opposed to giving her an IOU/gift certificate? There's an Etsy artist who does beautiful watercolor birth charts, but you'll need to wait for the birth in order to have the date and time information.
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Best answer: What's your price range? I think it would be lovely to get her a bit of art, maybe summer solstice-related or combo solstice/mother theme, and there's lots of artists needing work right now who would do you a piece on commission. You could cruise Etsy (try "summer solstice art" or "witch art") to find something premade or an artist whose style resonates with you - this is lovely and would be delightful on a nursery wall, ditto this, slightly higher price point, original watercolor - that whole shop is neat.

There's also lots of witchy ceramicists out there, and woodcarvers, if you want something funkier than framed art.
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Best answer: How about a stunningly beautiful or unusual tarot deck? You can find a deck that makes you think of her and I'm sure she would treasure it.
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It's a little bit of a sideways approach, but I've always thought sundials were super cool, and it somewhat relates to the solstice/solar alignment aspect. They make some amazingly beautiful ones (there are customizable ones on Etsy!) that would look great either as decor on a wall or in a garden.
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Best answer: Would "Dragon's Blood Body Butter" be funny? (it's a real body lotion)
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Best answer: I'd start looking for solstice-themed blankets, onesies, and window ornaments on Etsy and just plan on spending an hour clicking around at various vendors and gift ideas.
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If you know that the baby is a girl (or maybe even if you don't?) I recommend the book Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman. It's beautiful & a little witchy.
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Response by poster: If you know that the baby is a girl
A secret only known to the baby and an ultrasound tech.

Love these suggestions! Right now I'm leaning toward the Witch Baby lotion (perfect, so perfect), this onesie, and some kind of personalized star chart art for the nursery, to come later.

That 90s tarot deck is fantastic, btw. I don't know shit about tarot but if I did, that is where I'd go.
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FWIW, there are a LOT nice looking tarot cards on Kickstarter. The problem with KS is, of course, they may not reach funding, and/or they won't ship for months in the future.

But Witch Baby (linked as Dragon's Blood above) has a TON of other cute new-age-y witchcraft-sounding stuff. :D
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Wyld Magick is a birth doula and artist who does amazing work. A print of something like this might be awesome for your friend.
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Response by poster: All right! I kinda went ham on lotions, maybe bought a few things for myself as well...

So she's gonna get a few body butters, the onesie I linked above that a coworker found, There's a Monster At the End of This Book, a pack of diapers, and between now and the shower I'll watercolor up something solsticey myself and frame it for her. Thank you for all the suggestions! Great ideas, I'm very happy.
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