I just want more napkins and tablecloths like this
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We’ve got these great napkins (two pics). They are 100% cotton and woven (herringbone?). They have a wonderful weight to them. We’ve had them for 8 or 9 years and I cannot find napkins like them anymore. I would also love a tablecloth like this! Why can’t I friggin find this??

These are from Anthropologie but my MIL has very similar napkins in solids that I also love. They have held up so well over the years that I just want more like this. Only, I cannot find anything like them! Ideally we’d like a tablecloth in a mustard or rust color but honestly, anything will do. Tablecloth size is roughly 60 x 102 (or around there). Please, can you help me?
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The fabric looks a little like the flat-weave cotton that they make Turkish peshtemal towels out of. I think even if it's not a perfect match, the fabric would have the same heftiness that you're looking for. They come in lots of colors and patterns, I've seen table linens and other non-towel items made out of the same material for sale out there or you could always buy a few towels and cut them down to napkins.
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The weaving pattern is called twill. It's common in commercial use table linens. Start your search with "twill tablecloth" and you'll find many results.
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If there's a World Market near you, they usually have a great selection of tablecloths and napkins.
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I found a lot of likely looking results by searching for “herringbone twill.” These napkins on Amazon and this tablecloth from Williams-Sonoma look a lot like your example in closeup and are both cotton. A lot of commercial use table linens will be polyester, which IMO is way less absorbent and comfortable than cotton (although poly wrinkles less and shows less wear with use).
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I would search through handwoven cloth as yardage. Tablecloths and napkins are so easy to sew that any dry-cleaners-alterations shop should see it as an easy job, for instance.
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Are you in the Forever35 renovating and decorating Facebook group? Someone asked this same question recently. (Link but you must be a member to view, so... link)

Since the above group is private to members only, I’ll share there were no clear replacements in the 25 answers. However, several people chimed in that this set of Anthro napkins are their favorites.
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