Good headset with a physical mute button
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I'm searching for a good headset for daily zooms. My current headset is working fine, but has no physical mute button. I'd like one.

I just got a Jabra Evolve2 65 to try which has a boom mic that you flip up (to mute) or down (to unmute). Unfortunately the headset is not over the ear so it slides off my bald head.


- physical mute mechanism (either a prominent button or a movable mic)
- decent audio quality
- over the ear cups?
- wireless (so I can pace)
- multidevice (phone for music, laptop for calls).

Please no in-ear stuff.

Alternatively, an external microphone to be added to my headset would work too. Antlion wireless modmic requires a dongle, so won't work.

I would be fine with the Jabra if it wasn't falling off my noggin. If you have any tips there I'm happy to listen!
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This doesn't meet all of your requirements, but I recently got a Corsair HS70 PRO WIRELESS, based on a colleague's recommendation. The batteries last for more than 12 hours, it sounds pretty good to me, has straightforward controls and a mute I can find by touch, and it is surprisingly comfortable. (It also works perfectly in linux without any fiddling, and presumably other OSes.) It uses a stand-alone wireless USB connector with a proprietary radio connection, so won't work with a phone in a non-trivial way.
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"In a trivial way." Language is hard sometimes.
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Just going to drive-by a quick answer, I reviewed a bunch of wireless headsets aimed at gaming and some support phones as well as PCs and consoles. The Razer and Steelseries ones would be my first picks.

But those may not be up your alley. Some offer Bluetooth variations though which would up the phone compatibility.
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I have a Jabra Evolve 75 headset and I love it. I have mere stubble on my head, but I don't find that they slip off. Is your pacing really that active? :7)

The mute button on these is like the 65s you are testing -- it is the microphone boom. This way, when you want to drink, the same motion unblocks your face and also prevents everyone from listening to you gurgle. Win-win!

There is active noise-cancelling, the battery life is great, and they use a USB nubbin for better Bluetooth than my phone or laptop can manage. (I read that this has somethign to do with duplexing signal, and how BT really can't quite manage it very well. BT 5 may have ameliorated that. *shrug*)

They stay linked to two devices, so my iPhone and MacBook can both send it a signal -- be that music, a Teams meeting, or a phone call. I really like them.
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The Jabra Evolve2 85 is over the ear. It's also $200 more expensive than the 65.

I assume your current Jabra is stereo and not mono? If not, maybe try the stereo version. I have a lower end mono Jabra headset, and even with hair it slips a little.

You may just need a little more friction. If you want to experiment, I'd try double stick fashion tape or a little bit of hot glue smeared on the inside top of the headband, similar to what you'd see on strapless bras or low cut socks. (Just in case it's not obvious -- let it dry and cool before putting it back on your head!)
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Or some gaffer tape on the underside of the headband, maybe.
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Not sure it is exactly what your looking for, because it sits on the ear. I really like the Logitech H800. I like that it has a USB dongle for the computer and can connect to my phone via bluetooth.
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I think if your budget is big enough, you might be in the market for the Microsoft Surface Headphones (v1 or 2). They have pricey MSRPs but can periodically be available for around $100 new for the v1 and around $200 for the v2s. They have a physical mute switch, are multidevice capable (some of the best ones on the market according to multiple reviews), and have physical dials on each earcup to control volume and noise cancellation.

I have no first hand experience with either but am in the market and have done plenty of research so your wishlist seems to match up to these.

Good luck on finding your solution!
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I'm still thinking about this. Silicone caulk could substitute for hot glue. Coban wrap might also give you enough friction, without permanently altering the headset. (Or, caulk/glue on top of the coban wrap.)
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I have some Logitech Zone Wireless cans and I think it hits all your spots, but it is pretty expensive. It connects to multiple Bluetooth. The mic flips up and down to mute plus there is a mute button on the boom too if you prefer that. Also hardware volume up/down and another button that has short and long press options for things like starting your phone google assistant or Siri or hanging up a call. Batteries are pretty good. I have no issues getting through the day and it charges on on Qi-compliant wireless charger. They are also sweat resistent which is good for getting some time on the treadmill or whatnot when you have a listening meeting.

It is mostly comfortable but I have had some days where after 3-4 hours I have to take it off for a bit.
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Response by poster: @natabat appreciate your thoughts on this, but seeing that this is a nearly $300 (Canadian) purchase I'm a little reluctant to modify it just yet.

Jabra Evolve2 85 hits all of the requirements. I'm really impressed by Evolve2 65s daily operation. But I can't see myself spending nearly $700 Canadian on this.. unless I claim it as a business expense?

The issue is Evolve2 65 band -- it's some sort of neoprene, I guess designed to make it more comfortable. Unfortunately it's just too slippery. My Bose QC35s have a flat plastic band that ensures that they stay on.

Anyway, I'm still thinking about this.
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