Help find this dark scifi short video about an AI becoming sentient?
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It was a bit of dark humor about an AI that goes from sentience to murder all of humanity in the span of only a couple of minutes.

There's a video I saw several years ago that I vaguely remember. It featured the inner dialogue of an AI becoming conscious and you hear and see its thought process as it discovers humans through wikipedia/internet and in the span of a couple of minutes decides to murder all humankind. The kicker at the end is the camera pans out to a bank of screens and the humans monitoring this AI turn it off and comment along the lines of, "Not again." and you realize this AI was in a simulation and it was one of many that all came to the same murderous conclusion.

Any ideas? I remember it being short and clever and it pops into my head every once in a while.
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I don't have the actual thing you're looking for, but if you enjoyed AI going rogue, hopefully you'll enjoy a story I press on people: a short PDF download from MeFi's own Peter Watts (Rifters series, Blindsight/Echopraxia) called Malak. (From this previously that has more Peter Watts.)
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an AI that goes from sentience to murder all of humanity in the span of only a couple of minutes

It's obviously not what you're thinking, but this is an accurate description of Ultron's first few moments in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
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