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Is there an interactive website that will allow me to provide various inputs in order to find fantastic vacation spots / places to take up residence?

I want to move to or have a one to two week vacation somwhere that is warm all year around, people speak English, is free from geopolitical turmoil, has a low cost of living (stretch the dollar), and has many eco-friendly activities. I don't need hotels or other touristy things, but a nearby (within an hour) internet cafe would be nice.

Would this just be easier if I spoke another language?
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psst. matapalo, costa rica. unbelievable.
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Belize has everything you seek except the low cost of living. Expenses are comparable to the U.S., in my experience.
Learn a little Spanish and save 50% in Mexico's Yucatan penninsula.
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Escape artist is a website for people looking to relocate to another country.
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Response by poster: thanks for the travel ideas, but I was really hoping for an interactive site, where I could choose from various inputs and find a list of possible places. Perhaps I'll reword my question and repost.
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