Is there info on Andrew Yang’s recent charitable donations?
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How much money has Andrew Yang donated to charity in the last year? Is there info on specific places he has donated money, and what amounts?
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Is there info on Andrew Yang’s recent charitable donations?

In short, no. The United States does not require people to disclose their donations, nor does the IRS publish the tax returns (or donations) from individuals.

If you want to find donations prior to this last year, you can look up Andrew Yang's tax returns up till 2018, which he released as part of his presidential bid. It looks like in 2018, he donated $4,186.
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In March 2020, his Humanity Forward foundation donated $1,000 to 1,000 Bronx families, and they donated another million to somebody else in August. It's not clear to me how much of that money came from Yang personally.
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