How to find towns within a radius of my house?
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I'm looking for vacation property that's within about 2 hours of my primary residence. Is there a site out there that can generate a map that shows towns within this range? Maybe a Google map with a maximum radius displayed?
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See also.
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Why employ a 'high-tech' solution? Get a regional road map and a compass. Draw your circle based on the the miles you estimate you will drive in your 2 hour time-frame. Better, use a topo map.

This Google pedometer will let you measure distances point-to-point. Maybe that's a start...
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Best answer: I found this site (I think it was posted here, or in the blue) a while back, and I think it would do just what you want. GPS Visualizer has a number of options.

The option I used was to enter either latitude and longitude or airport, select a radius (or a set of radiuses (radii?)), select my output format. It can spit of jpgs or google maps or google earth files with radius circles of your choosing on them. It's the third section, labeled "Draw range rings around a point." I used it to try to figure out alternative vacation spots given a base distance of how far we wanted to drive.
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