Exterior house colors
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Who can I pay a few hundred dollars to pick paint colors/finish for the exterior of my house? I want to send someone pictures of my house, 3-4 pictures of houses I like, tell them the sun exposure it gets and have them give me a few options.
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The fancy paint I used to paint my front door offers this service. Exactly as you said - I sent a few pictures, info on the orientation and tree cover, etc, and got recommendations back.

There are also independent color consultants. Here's one I know of in my area; I bet there are similar professionals near you.
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Despite this being an exterior project, an interior designer should be able to help you with this also. I've worked with designers who are happy to sell an hour of their time for something like this.
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I’ve referenced this blog quite frequently when picking my own paint colors. I think she has a good eye for design, and she offers exactly the service you’re looking for. Not sure what she charges though.
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The paint store near me has business cards for color consultants as well as painters. Might be good to get someone local as seeing the house in person would help with understanding the light/exposure and having a house that fits in among the neighbors.
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Despite the look of the web site (very old), this guy would probably help you. I know him, and he does beautiful design work in several media in addition to interior design.
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