Looking for a wireless keyboard that can switch between multiple devices
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I'm looking for a wireless keyboard that includes a touchpad that can switch between multiple devices.

I currently have a Logitech K400 keyboard that I use with a PC that I have connected to my tv. I like that it has a touchpad for the mouse as well as a keyboard all in one. I've recently also connected a retropie to my tv. I'd like to know if there are any similar keyboards out there that have a touchpad integrated with it and also allow for switching between multiple devices. Right now I have a separate keyboard for the retropie and for the pc and it'd be nice to just have a single keyboard. I've seen other keyboards that allow switching between multiple devices, but none that also have a touchpad. In case it matters, I'm in Canada so I'd need something that is available here. Bonus points if it also has a backlit keyboard.
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I think you should be able to use the keyboard you already have using the Synergy Software. It works with windows and normal raspberry pis according to their website so it might work with your Retropie.
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Logitech K600 is not backlit, but has a trackpad and 3 dedicated buttons for switching between devices.
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Bindpo - never heard of the company before, could be good or bad. If you look at the similar items list, you'll find others.
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Probably safer to stick with Logitech in that you can find those Unifying receiver dongles pretty easily (and you'll need one per machine, of course), but you may have extras from the other Logitech peripherals you have. Just have to re-pair them by following instructions on Logitech website. If you need extras you can always order them.

The K830 has t a touch pad, AND Bluetooth AND the Logitech Unifying receiver. So if your device already speaks Bluetooth you can buy one fewer adaptor.
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You could also use a KVM switch like this one with whatever keyboard+trackpad combo you like, as long as it uses a USB receiver dongle.
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A full KVM isn't necessary since you're not switching monitors. Instead, a USB A/B switch like this one I have will do the job. Plug your wireless receiver (USB, likely, but bluetooth USB adapters are also very cheap) into the USB, as well as any other USB peripherals you'd like to add: mouse, USB headphones, network adapter, CD-ROM, whatever. Hit the button to switch your keyboard/mouse/whatever between devices. You can also plug in a USB stick which will also switch over from device to device-- good for simple file transfers.

I use this switch with an Nvidia Shield, which is an android set-top box connected to my TV.
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I've been very happy with the Logitech MX Keys, which allow you to switch between three devices with one touch. They make one specifically for Mac, if that's your thing.
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