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I’m in San Francisco and I want to get delivery of some food that looks like this lady’s blog. Can you help me?

I want delivery food that’s plant based or primarily plant based (some dairy or egg OK) and nutritious yet decadent. High calorie is fine but should be primarily unprocessed. Nut butters can be involved. Savory and dessert. Any kind of cuisine but likely to be through a Californian cuisine lens.

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Best answer: Wildseed has very well-reviewed and trendy plant-based food (and cocktails). Looks like they deliver via DoorDash & Caviar.

Greens is the classic "fancy vegetarian restaurant" and they also deliver through the 3rd-party services.
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Best answer: Hmm... I'm not sure if they cross the bay but Butcher's Son? You may enjoy Shizen.
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Best answer: Kantine might suit you? Their savory breakfast porridge is pretty spectacular. As are their pastry offerings.
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The Plant Cafe Organic is not super fancy but their food is delish. I once had the most incredible breakfast sandwich there that kept me full for most of the day.

Agree with Greens, it's the vegetarian restaurant.
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Om Sabor makes great plant-based food and also delivers without going through DoorDash et al. We've ordered their holiday meals a few times and they are SO good. Their online menu changes regularly.
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