What's this sci-fi/horror story about a creepy resurrection pool?
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Asking for a friend: A couple years ago I read this super creepy sci fi horror story (might have been a short story or novella) that involved a creepy pool that brought dead things back to life, but kind of wrong somehow. It was split into three parts, one set in a sort of old west past, one set in the vague present, and the last one in a techno-dystopian future.

In the first part, someone discovers the pool. In the second part, the pool is being used by...someone? In the third part, the pool is the center of a big industrial complex of creepy stuff.

I don't remember any more details except that it definitely didn't have a happy ending. Thanks in advance!

(note from me, goodbyewaffles: we have established that it is not by Jeff Vandermeer)
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Best answer: I believe this is Liminal States by Something Awful's Zack Parsons, who was (I think?) also responsible for RED WORM TIME (previously on MetaFilter).
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Response by poster: That's the one! Thanks pullayup!
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